Chrome Notes

A simple notepad extension for Google Chrome

Easily copy around words in your browser, jot down notes for later, download, share, speak out loud and more. Chrome notes has quick buttons for common functions like cut, copy, and paste as well as night mode, focus mode, and more.

chrome notes screenshot
chrome notes screenshot
chrome notes screenshot
chrome notes screenshot
Install Chrome Notes  

  • Shortcut keys for cut, copy, paste, select all, delete, undo, redo
  • Common keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+X, ctrl+C, ctrl+V work
  • Download as text file
  • Read note (or selection) out loud
  • Spellcheck
chrome notes screenshot
chrome notes screenshot
  • Store multiple notes
  • Custom font size
  • Resize your notepad
  • Share your notes with friends
  • Pop out to new window
  • Notes are kept on your device — we never touch your data
  • Night mode
  • Focus mode
  • Works offline
  • Ad free
  • No in app purchases
  • Less than 0.1mb
chrome notes screenshot
chrome notes screenshot chrome notes screenshot chrome notes screenshot chrome notes screenshot

60,000+ happy users, 100+ reviews and 4.5/5 stars average

They are very handy when I do my projects for science and to write the most important stuff that I need. Love it!

A very nice note taking app! It has nice features like undo, redo, titling notes, saving multiple notes at once, exporting, and even read aloud and spellcheck! It is super convenient for when I have an idea and don't want to loose it.

For me, this is the most simplest yet straight forward functionality. The feature I love the most that is not present in other web note is this can be opened in new window, completely detached from the web...floating anywhere in my desktop. Keep it up.

I use it for work and it is very helpful. I like the simplicity!

This is sooo helpful! Thank you so much. The new feature of adding multiple notes is exactly what I wanted for this extension. Thanks!

It is a great tool for anyone who just wants a simple and effective notepad with them whenever they need it the most. Great work devs.

Chrome notes is an free, easy fast way to take notes without registration or login. It is perfect for writing to-do lists and taking notes during online class or working from home. All my notes are saved and I absolutely love how there is a dark mode for those late night study sessions. Other helpful tools they offer include keyboard short cuts, deleting your current notepad, downloading the file, immersive reader, and copy paste buttons. Overall would rate 10/10!

I’m really happy :). Your Note taking extension comes very light and handy. It’s awesome.

Finally found a fast, simple note app that’s free, requires no registration or logins, and doesn’t vacum personal data. If you don’t require bloated software for simple tasks, Chrome Notes is perfect.

Also available for Edge and Firefox:

Install Edge Notes  
Install Firefox Notes  

Install Chrome Notes  

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