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April 17, 2024

Simple JavaScript to Convert an Array of Objects to HTML Table

Justin Golden

Photo credit @markusspiske on Unsplash

Here’s how to render an array of JSON objects into a HTML table.


Start with an empty table. We will populate it dynamically with JS

<table id="data-table">

The Data

Define your data as an array of objects. Here’s some sample data:

const jsonArray = [
	{ Name: 'John', Age: 25, City: 'New York' },
	{ Name: 'Alice', Age: 30, City: 'Los Angeles' },
	{ Name: 'Bob', Age: 35, City: 'Chicago' }

Render Your Data to Your Table

Here’s the final step, and the important one:

// Get table header and body elements
const tableHeader = document.querySelector('#data-table thead tr');
const tableBody = document.querySelector('#data-table tbody');

// Function to render array of JSON objects in table
function renderTable(jsonArray) {
	// Clear existing header and rows
	tableHeader.innerHTML = '';
	tableBody.innerHTML = '';

	// Create table headers
	const headers = Object.keys(jsonArray[0]);

	headers.forEach((header) => {
		const th = document.createElement('th');
		th.textContent = header;

	// Create table rows and cells
	jsonArray.forEach((obj) => {
		const row = document.createElement('tr');
		headers.forEach((header) => {
			const cell = document.createElement('td');
			cell.textContent = obj[header];

// Call the function to render the table

Note: Missing Keys

Note: this code obtains headers only from the first item in the array: const headers = Object.keys(jsonArray[0]);

So data like this will work:

const jsonArray = [
	{ Name: 'John', Age: 25, City: 'New York' },
	{ Name: 'Alice', Age: 30 },
	{ Name: 'Bob', City: 'Chicago' }

But if you have a key that isn’t in the first row, then it won’t render:

const jsonArray = [
	{ Name: 'John', Age: 25, City: 'New York' },
	{ Name: 'Alice', Age: 30 },
	{ Name: 'Bob', State: 'Illinois' }

To support unique and missing keys in your data, replace that line with this one:

const headers = [...new Set(jsonArray.flatMap((obj) => Object.keys(obj)))];

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