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January 4, 2024

Shortcuts I Use Daily as a Web Developer

Justin Golden

Photo credit @leoand1 on Unsplash

Some of these are simple, and some more complex. I’m listing all of the shortcuts I use multiple times a day, so bare with me:

VS Code

I also recommend a plugin to quickly change quotes, and a plugin called “Auto Rename Tag” which will rename the other corresponding XML/HTML tag when you rename one (super useful!)

VS Code has Emmet built in, and while I won’t explain in detail here, you can use things like p.hello to make a new paragraph of class hello: <p class="hello"></p> and you can chain classes and use IDs: div#hello.there.world: <div id="hello" class="there world"></div> and make multiple elements with * and use tab to change what part you’re filling out. For example: ul>li*4 works as you’d expect and makes a <ul> with 4 <li> inside it, and you can hit tab and fill each out.


I use Power Toys for fancy zones, which allows me to drag a window holding Shift to drop it into a specific zone or holding Ctrl Shift to make it take up multiple zones. Power Toys has lots of other awesome tools and I highly recommend it. It makes Windows just a little less worse : )

GitHub Desktop


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