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September 16, 2022

Using Two Unique Layouts in Svelte Kit

Justin Golden

svelte kit
Photo credit @erol on Unsplash

The Problem

If you’re like me, you want one layout for your entire website, and another layout for just the pages inside your projects/ directory.

You don’t want the projects pages to have both layouts, you don’t want ot manually have to set the layouts for the projects and you don’t want to have to manually set the layout of every other page.

According to the docs, it seems like each layout must inherit from a parent, but if you inherit from your full layout, then you use both layouts in projects, and if you inherit from an empty layout, then the rest of your pages don’t have a layout.

The Solution

Someone on Discord sent me a clever solution:

  1. In your top level, make a __layout-reset.svelte file with just <slot />

  2. In your project folder, name the layout: __layout@reset.svelte and style accordingly for projects.

  3. In your top level, make a __layout.svelte file and style accordingly for non-projects.

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