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April 17, 2024

The Top Vector Illustration Websites

Justin Golden

Photo credit @vladbunu on Unsplash

Top 4



You can select a color and search from a large group of generally consistent vector art, download, and use in your work.

IRA Design


These pastel designs are very nice, and you can download and customize your own scene.

Illustration Kit


THis website includes three sets of vector art (click the person icons at the top to change styles). These ones are quite nice (I really like Ven), but they are certainly limited on options.



Similar to IRA deisgn, you can mix and match, but this one is more focused on… you guessed it! Humans. Create your own humaaans sitting or standing and customize their hair, clothes, and pose.

Other Good Options

Draw Kit


This website has a lot of different style icon collections. Some are free, and some aren’t.



This website has a lot of different sets, but you have to subscribe for $15/mo or buy one for $9.

Many Pixels


These vector arts are quite charming, and you can choose from five styles and instantly download them.

Illustrations Co


There are a lot of vector artworks here, and you can download them for free and download all at once as well

Glaze Stock


There are numerous styles, and many are free png with attribution or paid with no attribution that includes the illustrator file as well. Prices are generally $10-20.

Lukasz Adam


These are quite wacky, and you can download many for free, and get them all in the pro version for only $9, but they’re also somewhat inconsistent. To download free, provide your email and then download the zip afterwards. Almost all of them come with the SVG file for free.

Fresh Folk


Similar to Humaaans, customize people and scenery. These look very hand-drawn and friendly. It’s hard to avoid corporate looking artwork with vector art, but these guys look nice. The download is for a fair price, which can be $0, and gives you 14 photoshop files. These are not vector art, but they are stock artwork and you can download them for free. YOu’ve got men and women standing, sitting, and running and some plants.

Open Doodles


They’ve got 33 (at time of writing) friendly and hand-drawn looking doodles, and a few are animated. You can instantly click to get the SVG, PNG (and GIF for animated ones) for free. Sadly, the SVGs are not animated, but you’re already getting a lot for free with this one.

The Noun Project


These are kind of icons, but they’re more complex, and there are (apparently) 5 million of them. You can search for something (for example, “sushi”) and get loasd of results, which are vector, and are art, so I’m putting this site here. They’re not all consistent of course, but if you need a one off image of something specific, you won’t get a better search.

Free SVG


This website has a lot of vector art similar to what you’d see in the earlier days of the internet. They aren’t consistent, and they aren’t modern, but there are a lot, and you can search over 100,000 of them and find vector art for anything you need, and for free. These are SVGs and in creative commons license (public domain).


There are plenty of paid options, plenty of free options if you don’t need consistency, but if you need consistency and for free, check out the top four list.

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